Volume I, Number 2, Winter 2005

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1. Painters will forthwith mix their paints of choice only on palettes of the rectangular or elliptical persuasion including a hole of some kind for the left or right thumb or big toe.

2. Painters will design their own palettes and make them themselves or have them fabricated by a skilled artisan familiar with palette materials and methods. You may want to refer to the instructional film "How to Palette" by the distinguished art educator Almost Anonymous located elsewhere on these internet pages.

3. Painters will abide by all the rules and concepts of all color theories and apply their paints of choice by squeezing certain amounts of the gooey substances only out of tubes made with lead.

4. Painters must carefully follow their own eccentric intuitions when making the highly critical and decisive decisions about how much of a color to mix with another color.

5. Painters will carefully select the proper tool for the mix, whether it be with a brush, palette knife, paint stick, a square toothpick with round pointed ends, finger, nose or cigar.

6. As to what to do with the consequent mixtures, the painter must ask him/her self the very basic but important question.... what to paint?

7. There is only one subject matter that a painter can consider painting.

8. But first, painters must abandon such common decorative subjects as still-lifes, landscapes, seascapes, figures and other things. They have all been interpreted and translated before by millions of painters thru the ages, and the balance of the world's citizenry is sick, tired and bored with the sorrowful repetition. The Los Angeles based Art Disposal Service, John Manno CEO, has exhausted his allotment of landfill for the dumping of this pollution and begs for relief.

9. Painters must only paint pictures of palettes.

10. State and federal funded art departments, museums and galleries vill post this Manifest-o for all to read, the separation of palettes and state be damned.

Head Palette Benefactor


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