Volume I, Number 2, Winter 2005


"Who the Hell is Frida Kahlo?"
by Dan Adams

A woman with pink hair
and powdered face -
looking like a piñata

Stands in the middle of
the Museum's gift shop -

Surrounded by images of
a woman with bird-like
eyebrows -
Self-portraits with monkeys,
dogs and pain.

"Who the Hell is Frida Kahlo?"

A man appears -
Resembling a Buddha, wearing a
Stetson hat, gun belt, and
baggy overalls covered with

"She was a great painter and my wife -
The only letter Picasso wrote me
'Neither I nor you are able to
paint a head like those of
Frida Kahlo'."

"Now, who the Hell are you?"


© Copyright 2004



What does one drop in the ocean signify? A splash gone in a flash.
The tide is high under the pier of the fear of your self?
All is well when there is the swell of self-confidence.
A Bigots Creed is flesh for the flow of the blood of greed,Chum for The Great Whites of ignorance.
The morning brings the wind to fill the sails of your soul.Lift anchor and sail the uncharted seas of experience.
The Cyclops of self is the eye of the storm on the ocean of the General public.
Every morning brings a hurricane warning.
Fathom the idea of individualism.
Let the light of love shine on and through you, displaying the Prism of Self-expression. Just another drip on my own trip, on a cruise trough time, all aboard the Titanic.
The Whirlpool of social Politics brings many down, yet The Creative Storm draws many up in The Waterspout of Consciousness, to later rain down on The deserts and waste lands of drought souls.

Nathan Paul Horner 1994



I'm more than what I seem, yet less than women dream.
Dysfunctional I'm not, yet tossed into the greater lot.
Men and women keep on living, yet lesson's that have
Been given, are not learned, just lost, at such a sad cost.
A Teacher I've become, Don't get me wrong, sounds like
A song; I've had it all, yet sadly so, I could not always keep
It. But lessons learned I have. Years to gain wisdom
Fair, and now it's the time to share.
At times my Heart is sadden so, for those who's Values are long
Forgotten. It's not your Parents fault, yet maybe so… but now
We're grown and their past old. Hell is for the children, lost
And forgotten, by Mom's and Dad's who let it happen, this
Cycle must be broken, are these lives but a token.
It's not the houses and cars, the silly lifestyle, looks or plenty
Of cash, I've done all that. Values you see are most important
To me. Let me start a list:
Honesty, Respect, Compassion, unconditional loyalty, True
Friendships, Family, and Faith. I'll stop for now, you've heard
The words, but can you live it.
Wake up now, young hearts, the Dream of Life is shorter
Than you think and the best way to live it, is surround your self
With true hearts that can give it.
Change is required for us all, the way to change others, is first
By changing ourselves.
Some words and rhyme I've forgotten, but lessons learned, I
Wish to share, to those who truly care.
If everything you've ever wanted was right before you, would
You know it?
Happiness within I've found, a Gentle man on solid ground.

© Charles L. Bronson

© Copyright 2004


Cerro Gordo
Golden Hills

by Anna Zappoli Jenkins

Spirits are coming
landing on wet ground
taking their place back

Birds, cats and greens
calling their spirit back

Take this place
make it home
take it back

Mend a tree
hold a cat
make this land
well again