Volume I, Number 2, Winter 2005


     Welcome to our second edition of the brand new "Artists Ezine", an online magazine featuring material produced by visual artists and opinions based on the visual artists perspective. This is a graphic intensive site, so if you have a dial-up connection, please be patient. Also a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 is necessary for proper viewing. If you have a large monitor, 1280 x 1024 is optimal. Please use Internet Explorer 5.0 or better and/or Netscape 7.1 for your browsers to best view this site.

     Our "Featured Articles" cover all subjects, interviews, fiction, and non-fiction, written by visual artists. Our "Why Artists Don't Get Paid" contains, controversial material, showing how visual artists are portrayed in the media, how they are treated by society, and how they behave in the public eye. All of which has resulted in our not be paid any respect since the Stone Age. The "Op-Ed" page features cutting edge commentary as well as editorial reply from you. Our hope is that you will feel free to comment on any of the material so we can publish as balanced a perspective as possible.

     In addition we feature "Poetry", "Cartoons", "Videos" (QuickTime), and "Music" (mp3s). All of this material has been produced by artist members of the San Diego Visual Artists Guild.

     Included in the "Links to Services" page is paid advertising contributed by businesses and individuals who support visual artists.

     If you wish to contact us please send an email to artist@artistsezine.com. Please put Artist in the Subject if you wish for us to respond.


"If you have two pence, Spend one on bread and one on art.

One will sustain your life. And one will give you reason to live."


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